“Thank you so much for your positive feedback on our article and your editing comments. The manuscript is stronger as a result.”

— Connected Science Learning author

Feedback from Bakken Teacher Academy Participants:

This workshop was very well organized and focused on things that would be helpful in my classroom. They did not just talk about ideas that could be used, they modeled them in our workshops.

I enjoyed the classroom feeling of summer classes. But the follow up with classmates during the following year ensured that I used the techniques taught in class and reflected on how to make things better. All PD should be set up this way!

I liked the action research component to try the new strategies, the freedom to experiment and see results. The make it better & share out sessions were extremely helpful in networking with teachers outside my district.

Literacy is fundamental. I am grateful that this course taught me to blend reading with science so my students will benefit from both! Helpful class! Good action research process!

Because of the lessons I developed through this class, students have more tools to help the read and talk about science, and a better understanding of how the process of science works.

I have benefited by learning new strategies that help me become a better teacher.