Coding, and Computer Science, and Computational Thinking—Oh My!


The first time I studied anything related to computer science was in high school—a BASIC programming class that was quite dry with little connection to how the programming language was used in the “real world.” Times have changed! Today, even preschoolers are learning computational thinking in active, engaging, and age-appropriate ways that help them see the many ways thinking like a computer scientist makes a difference in their daily lives (for example, see this article previously featured in CSL).

An internet search will reveal various educational products—even toys—designed specifically for young learners to use in home and school settings. Importantly, however, the skills and understanding related to coding, computational thinking, and computer science can be introduced at this early age without making an investment in devices and technology. STEM educators have developed creative instructional strategies that engage learners of all ages in growing their thinking skills and conceptual understandings related to these topics. READ MORE

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